Please, forecast Nokia share (NOK OMX Helsinki) closing price (EUR) on the next interim report day (28.1.2016). You can give one, but just one, prediction (closing price) every day. The forecasting window is open until midnight of the previous day.

[cjtoolbox name=”mainforecast”][/cjtoolbox]


Red circles are individual predictions on each day. Blue line and dots represent the mean value of each day. Green line and dots represent the mean value of the whole time period at the current day. You can see the single values and comments by setting the cursor over the circle.

The idea is that today’s prediction is better than yesterday’s prediction. And the concensus in the longer run may be better prediction than any single one. Perhaps there is a tiny little change that this somehow works. Every vote is counted.

Anyway it is interesting to see who gets closest.

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