Click some choice option of a question. Result is shown on the next page on the choice bars as well in the regional map. You can again vote same question after a day. Meanwhile you can see the results.

Hovering the regional map by the mouse or touching it on the mobile screen will show the regional voting results on the tooltip.

There are two additional result pages. The map shows votes on the map. The history shows the results as a time line graph.

Asking a question

Creating a question is possible for registered users who are logged in. You can add the question and max ten (10) choice options. You can attach a picture for each of them. Please use pictures which sizes as kilobytes are reasonable small. That helps the question to load faster.

TIP: The optimal main picture width is 640 pixels. The height can vary. For the choice pictures optimal width is 150-200 pixels. And the optimal aspect ratio for them is 4:3 (width:height).

TIP: Plenty of free pictures are available in several services like Flickr or Pixabay. Note that there are also not free pictures, please check the terms of use of those services.

Deleting a question

You can delete a question that you have created. If you have created a question and you are logged in you will see ”Delete question” link below the question. The link is below the left bottom corner of the question. Once you click the delete link, the system will ask if you really want to delete the question. And if you confirm that, the question is deleted. None else can delete your question, a question can be deleted only by it’s creator.

TIP: Deleting a question may be useful when you are creating a question. It may happen that you find after publishing that the question needs changes. Then simply delete the question and create a new one.


You can embed a question to an another web site. If you have created a question and you are logged in you will see ”Embed code” text and share icon below the question. Click the icon and you will see a script in a window. Copy that script and paste it to your web page. The question will now appear on your web page.


You can register and create a userid in our register page. Registering will send you a confirmation email that you need to respond. This will ensure that it is really you who is going to register.

You can also register by using your Facebook or Google+ userids by clicking their icons.

If you have any problems please contact

Location data

Our web page uses user location data. Location data is used to create maps that show where votes are coming from and what is the regional summary data.

User location data on the map is not exact. The latitude and longitude data both are formed so that the last numbers of the original location is regenerated as random numbers. You can see this by voting, your place is never exactly the same. For example if the original latitude is 60.123456789, the shown latitude is 60.1234xxx, where xxx is a random number.

Location data is not used to identify a user personally. Actually we are not even able to do that technically.

If you prefer, you can prevent giving the location data. Browser asks your permission to give the location. You can also set the browser (depending on the browser) to allow, ask the permission or prevent always from giving the location data.


Map licence

Map licence: Open data by National Land Survey of Finland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Municipal Division in Finland 2015, 1:1 000 000.

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