Kärsitkö ”sosiaalisesta jetlackista”?

Jos ihmisen "oma kello" ja ympäristön vaatimukset eivät ole synkassa, se ei ole terveellistä, sanovat tutkimukset.

"(Reuters Health) - When work, school and other scheduled activities are out of sync with a person’s body clock, “social jetlag” results and diminishes performance, researchers say.

The study team used a university computer system to follow nearly 15,000 students’ daily rhythms and activities over two years. They found that bigger differences between an individual’s class schedule and their natural “chronotype” - morning lark, night owl or in between - were tied to poorer academic performance.

“Social jetlag is the misalignment between an individual’s circadian clocks and their environment due to social impositions like work or school,” said study coauthor Aaron Schirmer of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

“For example, a late-type student who needs to wake up for an 8 a.m. class twice per week is most likely socially jetlagged,” he told Reuters Health in an email.

Schirmer and coauthor Benjamin Smarr of the University of California, Berkeley, initially wanted to test the hypothesis that late-type students would perform better in evening classes."

(https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-students-social-jetlag/social-jetlag-linked-to-lower-grades-idUSKCN1HD2KL?feedType=RSS&feedName=healthNews, APRIL 6, 2018 / 9:20 PM)
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